Meet Sam

With a degree in Kinesiology and Exercise Science from Ball State University, Sam has worked with people of all ability levels across the greater Indianapolis area for over six years.  He is a certified Level 2 FMS professional in addition to being an accredited Level 2 Barefoot Training Specialist.  Sam’s specialities include: gait analysis, balance testing, FMS movement screening, strength training, postural restoration, and overall improvement in body awareness.  His attention to detail is unparalleled in sessions with clients, with his primary focus being to educate the client on ways to prevent rather than to treat.  Sam also utilizes state-of-the-art technology to help evaluate foot type, foot strike patterns, propulsion efficiency, and balance on both single leg and bipedal stance.  Above all else, Sam firmly believes that the pursuit of true wellness should be fun and laughter is mandatory at some point in each session.

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